Amanda Palen, LMFT

Amanda Palen, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #132573
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Tel: 619-363-1920

Meet the Therapist!
Hello, I’m Amanda! I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and I have a strong interest in helping young adults, adults, couples, first responders, and members of the military as well as their families, as well as anyone struggling with dating & relationship issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, workplace stressors, and life transitions.

How Can I Help You?
So, you have reached this place where finding a therapist has crossed your mind. What a wonderful beginning, and a start for yourself on this journey of life. Finding a good fit with a therapist can feel overwhelming where there are so many options to choose from. Reaching out initially is such a huge step, and I truly honor that courage for you. You might be feeling stuck in some patterns that may be creating blocks from living authentically, have some truly traumatic events in your life that seem to be held on repeat in your mind and body which create struggles in finding stability, or suffering in relationships with others and have some uncertainty of how to be with those struggles. In our sessions, I will implement an integrative approach in helping you create an expansive view on your struggles while integrating the body into our work together. I understand the importance of the therapeutic relationship and work from a client-centered approach and pace. I will also utilize other forms of literature to include mythology, art, poetry, books, movies, etc. to draw parallels in connection to the client’s world. I am trained in both EMDR and Somatic Experiencing and will utilize where as appropriate as well.

My Philosophy on Mental Health:
I believe our psyche (soul) possesses both the knowledge and information we need to find healing and authenticity in our lives. Mental health, for me, is an exploration of Self as we relate to others, the world, and even ourselves. In that exploration we can come to a better understanding of what is being played out, emotionally and psychologically, within our struggles. Mental health is creating those bridges of understanding internally with different aspects of our being and harmonizing in a way that we can carry our authenticity out into the world.

More About Me…
I am familiar with the military culture as I am a child of someone who served in the military. Oddly, we did not move around that much. I was born in Spain and moved to California when I was a child. I had an entirely different career working for the federal government before becoming a therapist. I love to practice yoga and the community it can create. I have a deep love for animals and a cat at home named Aron. I also love the plant world and am obsessed with plants. It is a dream of mine to be certified in herbology or some form of plant medicine.

Fun Fact:
I write poetry and when I was a teenager sought out to get one of my poems published in a poetry book for young adults.

We look forward to working with you…