Depression is a very common human experience; the question is how long is it lasting and how much is it impacting your life? It is common for us to experience low times, times of grief and times of boredom. The concern becomes when these periods are lasting a long time, preventing your from living your life, interfering with your relationships or keeping you isolated.

It’s important to get help right away with depression as people can easily spiral into a dark place during these episodes. The goal is to work towards routine, socialization, engagement in interests and connection during these times – as these are the tools that will help prevent a deeper level of depressions from surfacing.

Our therapists are able to help folks work through depressive states using a variety of treatment approaches. We use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as one of the treatments for depression. This approach is a more structured approach where we take a look at how are thoughts, feelings and behaviors all interact. We then start to challenge thoughts that might be unhelpful or no longer serving you well in order to replace them with more helpful thinking patterns. Often times we discover that beliefs we hold about our self, the world and others are not quite accurate or perhaps too black and white. We will help you to work through those and develop healthier more balanced beliefs that resonate with you. CBT is an evidence based treatment, meaning that there have been numerous research studies that have found it directly decreases symptoms of both depression and anxiety.

Another approach some of our therapists use is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This approach is also an evidence based treatment showing it to be very effective in decreasing symptoms of both depression and anxiety. ACT is an experiential therapy approach that works to change your relationship with the depression. This approach focuses on your values and how you can live a value based life despite the depression. Often times as we align our behaviors with our values we experience greater fulfillment in life and the depression starts to take a back seat.