Mother holding her newborn baby. Representing postpartum counseling

Navigating the joys and challenges of pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood can take a real emotional toll on us as women. Depression and anxiety are very common during pregnancy and postpartum, but just because it is common does not mean that it is okay to endure. Postpartum counseling, prenatal therapy and perinatal counseling can help reduce depression and anxiety symptoms. Having a support team during these important phases of life should always involve a therapist. We readily seek support from our physicians for the medical changes we are experiencing, but we do not always think to connect with a therapist for the mental changes we are experiencing.

Postpartum Counseling at Freedom Within Center

Your therapist can help you identify the extent of the emotional impact you are enduring and help you to decide the best course of treatment. With postpartum counseling, your counselor can provide a much needed, non-judgmental space to share your experiences and conflicting emotions.

Many times, there is a societal expectation for joy and happiness during the pregnancy and birth process that it can be very confusing to some mothers when they are experiencing anything but those feelings. We want you to know this is okay and this is usually quite normal. Hormones are rapidly changing and creating conflicting emotions, not to mention the body changes and then the responsibility changes as you welcome a newborn to your life.

Bringing life into the world is an amazing experience, but it’s also very challenging! Let’s not diminish this and let’s be honest about the realities of caring for a newborn. Also, keep in mind that the postpartum phase lasts at least 2 years, so you may not notice changes at first, but perhaps down the road you realize some anxiety or depression has been creeping in and not feeling too pleasant. Either way, postpartum counseling with Freedom Within Center can help.

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