Vanessa Imus

MS, R.D.

Vanessa Imus is a Registered Dietitian who provides adjunct nutritional counseling for anyone interested in finding out how food is further influencing their mental health. Food has such a HUGE impact on how you feel day in and day out. Eating the wrong foods for your body can cause fatigue, poor mental function, digestive issues, anxiety and depression, among countless other symptoms. Vanessa enjoys helping others identify which foods are working for them and which are working against them. She teaches clients how to make changes to manage a healthy diet in a way that works best for them. Having earned a Master of Science Degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University she is nationally and state licensed as a Registered Dietitian. Vanessa currently offers medical nutrition therapy to our San Diego clients remotely and to the local Seattle folks in person. Vanessa is excited to share nutrition and lifestyle remedies to help you feel and perform optimally through all of life’s challenges!