Sarah Shiotani, B.S.

Sarah Shiotani, B.S.

Client Care Coordinator
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Tel: 619-363-1920

Meet the Admin!
Hello, My name is Sarah and I am the Client Care Coordinator. If you ever come to Freedom Within (FWC), I will be the first face you see! As the Client Care Coordinator, I help clients connect with our practice’s therapists and strive to be their support daily.

Everyday I am in contact with the therapists and their clients, trying to make the therapy process as easy going as possible. I have always had an interest in helping others and nothing gives me more satisfaction than being the support for the clients and therapists.

I have a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry with a Minor Sociology which has allowed me to develop different outlooks on life which I utilize at FWC. Having to think with different parts of my brain has given me the ability to tackle problems through multiple angles and develop different communication skills. As the Client Care Coordinator, I see myself as the bridge between the client and therapist. As the bridge, having clear communication with different clients from different backgrounds as well as the therapists are key for the healing process. I know seeking therapy can be nerve wrecking and challenging, which is why my goal as the Client Care Coordinator is to make this journey as smooth and positive as possible!

I have lived in an environment where I could not openly express my emotions without being criticized. This took a huge mental and emotional toll on me where I developed depression as a result. Being on the other side, I know what it feels like to be scared and discouraged to seek help but I can honestly say seeking therapy was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. Luckily, I was able to overcome that aspect of my life. As a mental health advocate, I could not have a better opportunity to help others heal mentally than be at FWC!

More About Me…
I am a certified nursing assistant and have a background in human resources. As you can tell, my life has been quite the journey where I have been spending most of it trying to find where I belong. Originally, I thought I was going to go to medical school but ended up loving the HR side of business and found an amazing company with the best coworkers (FWC) where I get to put my HR skills to the test!

Fun Fact:
I love to cook, work out, play video games, spend time with my mini schnauzer Fynn, watch the San Jose Sharks, try all new kinds of food, and watch Bob’s Burgers!”

We look forward to working with you…