Tatum Brookes, B.A.

Tatum Brookes, B.A.

Client Care Coordinator
she / her
Tel: 619-363-1920

Meet the Admin!
Welcome! My name is Tatum Brookes and I am the Client Care Coordinator. I will be your first hello and last goodbye at the office! To be more specific, as the Client Care Coordinator and messenger, I will do my best to make sure you feel supported, connected, and heard here at Freedom Within. In simpler terms, I am the middleman between you and your therapist.
Overall, my goal is to help YOU and our team. As well as, to keep up with our administrative processes orderly and peacefully.

While I have just begun my role in the realm of mental health, I am greatly thankful to join Freedom Within Therapy and Wellness Center. To elaborate, I am deeply passionate about mental health, our service members, and interpersonal communication. As someone raised in a military family, and who has dealt with personal bouts of mental health hurdles, I feel I can be a calming asset, friendly face, and ally of relatability for our clients.

More About Me…
I am a Navy military brat originally from Chula Vista. Graduating during the beginning of the pandemic, I have worked an abundance of unique stepping stone positions to prepare me for this role! As I have just recently moved from Morro Bay back to my hometown, I am thrilled at the renewed access I have to top notch ethnic foods, culture, vintage goods, and the specific SD watercolor sunsets. To continue about me, I am in awe with all things right brain; creation, moving my body, reading fiction, and astrology!

Fun Fact: Just like Kendra Penski our Clinical Director, I too have a twin sister! No, I cannot read her mind, but yes, we are incredibly identical and close. Oddly, we both have celiacs disease (gluten allergy). The strange thing is, she is symptomatic and I am not!

We look forward to working with you…