Groups and Workshops

Groups And Workshops Being Offered At Freedom Within Center

Check out our list of amazing offerings here at FWC! If there is a workshop or group you are interested in that you cannot find here feel free to email us and let us know!

LGBTQIA+ Expressive Arts Group

Facilitator: Lina Hong, ASW (Supervised by Leah Mitchell, LCSW)
When: Every other Friday Starting June 21 – October 11th, 2024
Time: 1 – 2pm
Location: In person here at FWC 2650 Camino del Rio N Suite 305; San Diego, CA 92108

Total number of sessions: Sign up for 1 or all 9!

Min/Max clients to run group: 3-12 (not required to attend weekly since it’s a workshop, they can choose which one to attend or to attend all)

Who: For anyone who is interested in attending and/or identifies as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community

Cost: $40 per session or $35 per session if you pay for all up front (total of $315); cost includes price of materials/art supplies

Group: Grief and Loss Group – Virtual
Grief Group

Dates: Sept 4th – Oct 30th (Wednesdays for 10 Weeks)
Time: 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Fee: $350 for the entire 10 weeks ($35 per week)
Location: Virtual

This group is great for anyone who has experienced grief or loss, the loss could have occurred recently or many years ago. This group is for any adult grieving the death of a person of any age. The goal is to find connection and healing through adequate support and shared experiences.

What we will cover:

  1. Understand and accept the reality of the death
  2. Experience the complex emotions, cognitions, and physical reactions of grief
  3. Cope with reminders and reactions in healthy ways that promote healing
  4. Develop a coherent narrative of the story of the death and integrate it into larger life story
  5. Acknowledge/adjust to changes in life and self after the death
  6. Address difficult or complicated aspects of the relationship, the death, or the grieving process
  7. Redefine the relationship to one of emotional connections, memories, and memorializing
  8. Re-engage in life, relationships, and activities
  9. Prepare for coping with challenges and painful waves of grief
  10. Stay on track to continue growing, living, and loving
Anxiety Workshop #1: Getting a handle on your Anxiety – Noticing the Signs, Symptoms, and Causes of Your Anxiety

Date: TBD  
Time: 5:30-6:30pm
Location: Virtual through Google Meets
What we will cover:

  1. Understanding anxiety, its function, and purpose in your life
  2. Understanding the psychological and physiological aspects of anxiety
  3. Identifying triggers and causes of pain that leads to anxiety
  4. Discovering what you’re saying to yourself and how to change it
  5. Learning how to take back control and significantly decrease symptoms of anxiety
Group/Workshop Interest
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Group: Women’s Empowerment Group

Women’s Empowerment Group

Dates: TBD
Time: 5-6pm
Where: In person! Yes, that’s right, in person at Freedom Within Center!
Location: 2560 Camino Del Rio N. Suite 305 San Diego CA, 92108
What we will cover:

  1. Understanding anxiety, its function and purpose in your life
  2. Using mindfulness practice to increase awareness and tolerance
  3. Changing our relationship with anxiety (confronting vs. avoiding)
  4. Using cognitive behavioral techniques to understand the ways in which our thoughts impact our mood
  5. Other factors contributing to anxiety outside the normal scope and how to manage them.
  6. Setting boundaries and utilizing self-care during these times