Marco Perez, APCC

Marco Perez, APCC

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #12429
Tel: 619-363-1920

Meet the Therapist!
Hello! My name is Marco Perez, and I am an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor. My experience as a therapist has led me to become very interested in helping clients struggling with anxiety, PTSD/complex PTSD, and relationship issues. I have extensive experience working with these clients, including those looking to improve their depression, bipolar symptoms, grief, military-related issues, and difficult life transitions.

How Can I Help You?
I approach my work with each client using a person-centered and trauma-informed approach. That means I make it a priority to create a warm, genuine, and empathetic environment for you to explore and grow in therapy. A lot of times in life, we didn’t get the opportunity to have a safe space to grow and express ourselves the way we needed to. So, I hope to provide you with that space as we work toward your therapy goals together.

I also know that traumatic experiences can impact our sense of safety and ability to function in day-to-day life. When these things happen, we can struggle with anxiety, depression, relationships, and problematic coping patterns. For this reason, I look at the impact that trauma has had on your life. From there, I use a combination of interventions to help improve some of the symptoms affecting your mind and body.

I’m a big fan of flexibility in therapy and tailoring my approach to your needs. I might use techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness, depending on what you need in the moment. It’s also important to me that I put myself in your shoes and see things from your perspective when we work together.

My Philosophy on Mental Health:
I see mental health and therapy in a few different ways. First, I view mental health like surfing in the ocean. Some days, the waves are big and rough, and some days, the conditions are great. To be mentally healthy is like a surfer with the ability to surf the waves on any given day. I aim to help my clients become the best surfers they can be so that they can ride the waves of life.

I also see therapy as a road trip, with you in the driver’s seat and me helping you navigate from the passenger seat. There might be some potholes and road closures along the way, but we’ll work through them together to reach our destination.

More About Me…
I am the oldest child of parents that immigrated to America. I think this helps inform my perspective of what it means to be first- and second-generation Americans. I was also a strength and conditioning coach for almost a decade before making the switch to mental health. This experience really helps me view mental health from a holistic, mind-body perspective.

When I’m not helping clients achieve their therapy goals, I love exercise, hiking, listening to music, and binge-watching Netflix.

Fun Fact!
I’ve always loved sports and competition. I’ve competed in CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting competitions before. I also grew up practicing Tae Kwon Do and even competed in the Jr. Olympics.

Scheduling Information:
Marco provides both in-person and virtual sessions.

He is approved to accept Aetna, Cigna/Evernorth, and TriWest/VA insurances under his licensed supervisor.

We look forward to working with you…