Military Counseling

  • Are you overwhelmed by the transition from military to civilian life?
  • Is anxiety, depression and/or PTSD interfering with your productivity?
  • Is your family struggling with issues arising from deployments or frequent separation from loved ones?

At Freedom Within Center we understand the unique challenges our military folks face!

Being part of the military, whether as an individual or a couple, brings with it some unique challenges that are different from those experienced by civilians. Sometimes those challenges can become overwhelming. At Freedom Within Center, we are familiar with what you’re experiencing. We have providers with extensive experience working with both active duty service members as well as Veterans and their families. We are trained in evidence based treatments for this unique population which equips us with the tools to effectively treat these concerns. Whether you are looking for individual or couples counseling, we can work with you to develop a plan that will help alleviate the pain and bring you closer to that person you once were or the person you want to become. With our support, we can help you to meet these challenges and overcome the obstacles in front of you.

There are many pressing issues for individuals in the military. Freedom Within Center can help with suicide prevention, Post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, anger management, trauma reactions, grief and loss. We can also help reconnect people with family, friends and society as a whole. We recognize that these kinds of concerns are unique to military personnel and we have the experience to help you manage them in the best way possible. We also have gold star training and certification in most of the evidence based treatments used at the Veterans Affairs facilities.

Individual Counseling for Veterans and Active Duty Military

Perhaps you are troubled by some of the experiences you had during deployments, or the losses you may have encountered.  Maybe you are not sleeping well, having nightmares or just find yourself more on edge. Or perhaps you are just tired of the military lifestyle or the difficulty in adjusting to civilian life after service. It takes a lot of strength to overcome lengthy deployments, long-term separation from family, relocation and other issues that might arise as the result of various duty assignments In addition, you may be struggling with anxiety, depression or Post-traumatic stress. That’s where individual or couples counseling can help. We have a genuine passion for helping those who have helped us and feel it is our duty to serve you.

Couples Counseling for Military Families

Military couples, whether married, engaged or dating, face many unique challenges, as well. These challenges might be long-term separation, financial stressors, frequent moving and difficulty reintegrating into the civilian workplace.  Not to mention that the potential for suicide is of major concern. This is why it is so important to seek out help! It can take a lot of courage to serve one’s country, it can also take a lot of courage to be able to seek out help, but it might just be the “life change” that you need.

Choosing individual or couples counseling with Freedom Within Center can help with many of these issues, as well as educate non-enlisted significant others around the signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression, Post-traumatic stress and suicide. We’re here to help you help yourself live the life you were meant to live. You have served to protect our freedoms and we want to serve you to restore that sense of freedom within yourself.


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