Laura Toomey, LMFT

Laura Toomey, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #145989
Tel: 619-363-1920

Meet the Therapist! 
Hello, My name is Laura, and I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I have been providing therapy for almost 9 years and have experience working with all ages from young children to older adults.

I have a strong interest in helping others through grief, loss, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, and difficult life transitions. I have lived experience with chronic health issues, anxiety, and grief and particularly enjoy walking alongside clients who are journeying through those painful life experiences.

How Can I Help You?
I aim to help clients figure out what their present complaints are, how those issues have developed from the past (often from early attachment wounds), and what they can do in treatment and beyond to reach their overall goals. I love working with people during the calm and the chaos to aid them in processing how they’ve adopted coping mechanisms throughout life that may not be of service to them anymore. Utilizing Humanistic and Attachment-Based theoretical approaches, I help clients make connections between their current ways of thinking and behaving and their childhood and early relationships. This can be a helpful way to release the unhelpful coping strategies and find new ways to move through life while increasing their overall sense of self-awareness and enjoyment.

My Philosophy on Mental Health:
Being human is hard. Life can be down right brutal at times. Therapy is a beautiful tool that can help make the inevitable ups and downs in life more manageable. Contentedness becomes reachable on a daily basis, and the beauty in life is more noticeable. I truly believe that when both client and therapist bring their authentic selves into treatment, the resulting relationship is transformative. Reaching out to someone for help is a big step. Being vulnerable is not easy. But it’s worth it. I hope I can help you feel safe and heard and take a step with you in the direction you hope to go.

More About Me…
I am married to an Aussie and am a Mama to a 4-year-old boy who has Cystic Fibrosis. Just in his short time on earth he’s taught me so much about life and the importance of play, adventure, and mindfulness. I have a new found love of meditation and forest bathing. I have always loved to travel and have a goal of experiencing every continent. In between bigger trips, my family and I find ways to explore and appreciate our little corner of this magnificent earth.

Fun Fact!
I have been dancing since I was four and have a passion for this art and its healing benefits. Because of that, I am currently working to become a certified dance movement therapist!

Scheduling Information:
Laura provides virtual sessions.
She is in network with Aetna, Cigna/Evernorth, and Tricare.

We look forward to working with you…