Anxiety Workshop in San Diego

Anxiety Workshop #3: How to Improve Focus and Learn to Relax
Anxiety Workshop #3: How to Improve Focus and Learn to Relax

Date: TBD, 2023 
Time: 6-7pm
Location: Virtual through Google Meets
What we will cover:

  1. Changing our relationship with pain (confronting vs. avoiding)
  2. Learning techniques to quiet your active mind
  3. Learning to focus on the present and putting past and future events in a more objective perspective
  4. Learning relaxation exercises to help decrease somatic (painful) symptoms in the body

Anxiety Workshop Sessions

It's time to learn the skills that will help you get relief from constant feelings of worry, fear, panic, shame, and anxiety. Check out Freedom Within Therapy and Wellness Center’s weekly live workshop series! Each week we focus on a different aspect of anxiety, helping you understand it, what it is, and providing you with skills and tools to get relief and regain your sense of safety, sense of calm and overall enjoyment of life. Join one or all of our workshops!

Where: Virtual Google Meets Room

What: Live workshops! Learn tools and skills to help you understand, navigate and decrease your pain. Each workshop will present information with tangible tools and skills you can walk away using right away to help you feel more calm with less worry and less anxiety and most importantly, less pain. Each workshop is led by therapist here at Freedom Within Center in real time. This means you can ask questions and provide comments and input throughout the session. Please note this is not a psychotherapy group - this means we will not be digging into each person’s past or their issues but rather focusing on skills and how to work through things in a healthy and effective manner.

Who: These workshops have been developed for those with all forms of pain that can trigger our anxiety, including anxiety, social anxiety, general anxiety, anxiety related to past trauma, frequent worry, nervousness, etc.. Anyone ages 18 and up can benefit from these workshops and are welcome! We recommend attending each workshop to get the most out of these tools, however folks can sign up for workshop sessions individually.

Workshop Goal: These workshops are meant to help you understand and learn successful tools and methods to overcome the symptoms of pain that may be caused by anxiety to help you live your life with more purpose, happiness, and freedom within.

Introductory Price: $35 per workshop or $195 for all 6 in the series