Couple Counseling Exercises

By Kendra Penski on December 29, 2017 in Blog

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Continuing our couple counseling blog series, let’s take a look at some exercises for couples that your therapist might ask you to do.  Types of exercises vary, but most of them have something or another to do with communication.  Communicating is the most common area that couples usually have problems with.

Gratitude List

A gratitude list is an exercise designed to shift your attitude and remind yourself of things that truly matter in life.  In couple counseling – this is a great opportunity to say nice things about your significant other.  Sometimes we take for granted the things done for us every day by our SO.  It is a great exercise for both parties to realize how much is done for them in the relationship.

Sharing Your Emotions

This is not an easy thing for many people before they are in a relationship, let alone learning how to do it when they are in one.  It takes practice and effort to be able to share your emotions with other people; but your partner will never know how you feel unless you express it.  We cannot tell what the other person is thinking, so we must tell them, so they can empathize with us.

Growing Closer

You might see your partner every day, but there is always the opportunity to learn new things about each other.  Do you take the time to share with him or her what you experience every day?  If the answer is no, put forth the effort to tell them about your day or what you would like to do in the future.  You can reciprocate this by listening to their experiences also.

Active Listening

In this activity we work on becoming better listeners in the relationship.  This will be positive for any and all types of communication and with time will make it easier to talk about those issues we find most sensitive.  When listening, make sure you listen and view the stories from your partners perspective, instead of being ready to interject with something.

Hopefully, now you know a little of what to expect before going into your session and what types of activities you might be doing.  This might reduce your anxiety and stress level prior to your appointment.  Don’t worry if it does not, it is completely normal to be anxious before we go try anything new – especially something as important as couple counseling!