Anxiety is an all too familiar experience for many people. In fact, most Americans will have experienced bouts of anxiety at some point in their lives. The concern is when that anxiety starts to prevent you from doing the things that you love and value. Maybe you have found yourself avoiding certain situations because of the anxiety. Perhaps you avoid crowds, social gatherings, work, or even leaving the house all together. When this happens and the anxiety is impacting important pieces of your life or starting to feel uncontrollable it’s important to seek help in order to overcome the anxiety.

The good news is that with therapy you can learn tools to not only cope with and better manage the anxiety but to also change your relationship with anxiety so that it does not prevent you from living your best life.

Our therapists use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as one of the treatments for anxiety. This approach is a more structured approach where we take a look at how are thoughts, feelings and behaviors all interact. We then start to challenge thoughts that might be unhelpful or no longer serving you well in order to replace them with more helpful thinking patterns. Often times we discover that beliefs we hold about yourself, the world and others are not quite accurate or perhaps too black and white. We will help you to work through those and develop healthier more balanced beliefs that resonate with you. CBT is an evidence based treatment, meaning that there have been numerous research studies that have found it directly decreases symptoms of both anxiety and depression.

Another approach some of our therapists use is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This approach is also an evidence based treatment showing it to be very effective in decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression. ACT is an experiential therapy approach that works to change your relationship with anxiety. This approach focuses on your values and how you can live a value based life despite the anxiety. Often times as we align our behaviors with our values we experience greater fulfillment in life and the anxiety starts to take a back seat.