Congratulations for being right! Your prize is a fight with your spouse and a night on the couch; lucky winner.

By Kendra Penski on September 6, 2017 in Blog

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Isn’t it funny how, we as humans, have this intrinsic need to be right. What is that anyway? What is so important about us being right that it fuels arguments and can cost us relationships? This is something to consider the next time you find yourself in a standoff with your spouse. How does it feel to be right? There may be a sense of pride for “winning” the argument, but who is left to share that pride with? In the scheme of things what you have done is actually pushed away the very person that you care about in your need to be right. Remember, you and your partner are on the same team. When you draw lines in the sand and become adversaries in a battle of egos it can really impact the functioning of your family unit. If you are finding it difficult to overcome these battles in your relationships seek out a couples counselor or an individual counselor. You can get a more objective view of the problem and learn tools for improving your relationships.