Finding Help with Depression Counseling: Suicide Awareness Month

By Kendra Penski on September 19, 2020 in Blog, Therapy

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Woman sitting in front of water at sunset to represent suicide awareness month and finding help with depression counseling.September is suicide awareness month. Suicidal thoughts can affect anyone, any age, class, or gender. Typically, suicidal thoughts are impacted by mental health issues including depression. If you know someone struggling with depression and are uncertain whether they may be having thoughts of harming themselves, don’t hesitate to ask them. A common myth is that if you ask someone about suicide it will put the idea in their head, this is actually not true. Asking them if they are having thoughts of harming themselves lets that person know you are concerned about them and that you are there to help. The more we talk about our thoughts and feelings and worries the less power we give to them. It also helps develop a sense of community and support when we ask these difficult questions to our friends and family. Depression counseling can also help someone who is having these thoughts.

Veterans Depression Counseling

If you are a service member or Veteran, the chances of suicide increase greatly in this population. This is typically a result of traumatic things that have happened in the military but is also impacted by losing others to suicide in the military. It’s unfortunately all too common for someone who has served in the military to have lost a friend to suicide. This can lead to feelings of guilt and depression in the surviving person which can also lead to thoughts of suicide.

If you have lost someone to combat, to suicide, or in any other manner you are more at risk to develop depression if you do not seek out professional help. It’s important to have an outlet for your grief and to process and make sense of your loss, and veterans depression counseling can provide that.

Those who “bottle things up” and avoid talking about their emotions are the very ones who tend to be impacted the most by depression, anger, anxiety and PTSD. It may feel good in the moment to ignore those lingering thoughts and avoid talking about it, but in the long run it takes a toll mentally and physically.

If you have these feelings,  therapy for depression can help. Do your research and find a therapist you feel you can connect with. We have several therapists at Freedom Within Center well versed in depression and trauma who are happy to connect with you and support you through this journey.

Book a session to be connected to a therapist who can help you reach your goals and live the life you were meant to live.