Skype Therapy Online

By Kendra Penski on October 29, 2017 in Blog

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skype therapy online

Meeting with a mental health professional online 20 years ago was unthinkable, but thanks to modern technology we can now reach out and help those who prefer to do online sessions or be in the comfort of their home with the help of Skype.  The idea is currently more widely available than ever before with video live feeds in real time.  Therapists in 2017 are ready, willing and able to meet with clients to work through issues.  

Skype is not the only method available, but it is the most common.  There are other software platforms available for online therapy and the therapist you speak with prior to your session can discuss these other options.  As of October 2017, online Skype therapy is not HIPPA compliant, but the good news is that online therapists do know which software is available for therapy.  We and other therapists know which software is easy to use and not difficult to install or use.  Normally a link, or some simple instructions is all that’s needed begin.  All of our therapists at Freedom Within are available for online counseling and know what is appropriate for use.

The times available for meeting with therapists are extremely flexible, this is one of the most popular aspects of the service.  Given the online format of the therapy, it allows you to coordinate a time together easier.  Counselors can still abide by regular sessions in most cases, for example every other Monday at 6pm.  Therapists also can ensure that sessions are uninterrupted, just like in the office.  Once again, you can contact us to see what times are available and we can set up a continuous schedule together.  

You also might be thinking if Skype or online therapy is right for you or if it really is a feasible way to begin treatment.  There have been studies that show online therapy is indeed effective.  Making it so convenient (not having to leave the home, flexible hours, etc) makes it much easier for patients to begin therapy.  Maybe those patients would not take the first step if they could not experience therapy in their home environment first.

Of course, the first step that must be taken is finding the right therapist.  We hope you take that first step today!