How to Know When to See a Therapist—The 5 W’s of Modern Therapy

By candice on May 21, 2020 in Blog, Therapy

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A common question people tend to ask is how to know when to see a therapist. People often begin professional therapy when their anxiety becomes overwhelming, depression worsens, or they hit their breaking point and need support. And this makes sense! However, a common misconception is that life has to be unbearable to do therapy. There are many benefits and reasons to begin therapy that do not involve a last resort. Let’s talk about how to know when to see a therapist, using the who, what, when, where, and why’s of modern therapy.

How to know when to see a therapist 

WHO: Therapy is for everyone. The truth is we don’t have the answers for everything and nor should we, as we find ourselves in unexpected life situations or feel stuck or in a rut. If you are a human being, you will likely need support throughout your life. 

WHAT: Therapy is a safe place to talk about things that cause you distress, and helps gain new insights into you, your life, and your relationships. Believe it or not, you have the answers and therapy is the process to help you achieve your goals and overcome challenges. Professional therapy will guide and empower you to find a way forward. 

WHEN: If you are wondering how to know when to see a therapist, the answer is ANYTIME! The great thing about coming to therapy is that it can be on your terms. It’s not just reserved for when you are overwhelmed or can’t take it anymore. You can talk to a trusted counselor when you notice yourself slipping into old behavior patterns that don’t feel right anymore. It can be when you feel stuck in negative feelings, don’t know how to move forward in a situation, or want to gain a new perspective. Maybe you need some skills to help manage anger. Therapy is a process to break down seemingly impossible barriers and improve your life. 

WHERE: Therapy has typically taken place in an office, but with modern technology, online counseling (telehealth) is a new alternative that makes therapy more accessible to everyone. Think of online counseling as a confidential FaceTime session where you can check in with someone without having to leave your home. It’s perfect now that we are all in quarantine and engaging in social distancing. It’s also more convenient for those that experience difficulty and anxiety around going to an office. Online counseling is just as powerful and personal as in-person sessions.

WHY: When to see a therapist is up to you. People seek professional therapy to feel better, experience personal growth, learn skills to manage stress, and gain insight into life situations that don’t serve you. Ultimately, it will lead you to living the life you want!

Now that you know the 5W’s and benefits of therapy, and how to know when to see a therapist, request an appointment at the Freedom Within Center to talk to a trusted counselor that is right for you.